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Kavita Mosalpuria

Kavita Mosalpuria, MBBS, MHA, PhD

Academic Office Information

Dr. Mosalpuria earned her PhD in Health Services Research, Administration, and Policy from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. She received numerous scholarships and awards during her PhD. In her doctoral dissertation, she explored the effects of chronic lifestyle conditions and comorbidities on health care expenditures and utilization. Before her PhD, she worked for five years monitoring and evaluating Polio elimination programs, immunization programs for mothers and children, and national health programs in lower middle-income countries. She conducted epidemiological investigations related to Acute Flaccid Paralysis. Among her responsibilities was capacity development for physicians and other health care professionals at community health centers. She was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for India’s triumph over Polio by the World Health Organization and India’s Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. She is an experienced project manager and hospital administrator. The overarching goal of Kavita’s post-doctoral research is to understand the multi-dimensional nature of social determinants of health in the tobacco use life cycle in vulnerable populations. She hopes that her research will contribute to reducing health disparities and increasing equity.