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Laurie Grieshober

Laurie Grieshober, MA, PhD

Academic Office Information

Dr. Grieshober earned her PhD in Epidemiology and MA in Mathematics from the University of Buffalo, where she was a pre-doctoral NCI R25 trainee in Interdisciplinary Cancer Epidemiology. Laurie’s research focuses on the interplay between molecular features of aging, modifiable risk factors, and disease processes in the context of cancer risk and survival, and how these relationships may vary by race/ethnicity. Since joining the Huntsman Cancer Institute and University of Utah, Laurie has been a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Dr. Jen Doherty and a Spheres of Translation Across the Research Spectrum (STARS) TL1 trainee with the Center for Clinical and Translational Science. Laurie is currently involved in projects examining the role of pre-diagnosis DNA methylation in heavy smokers in relation to lung cancer risk and survival, statewide race/ethnic disparities in cancer incidence and related risk factors in Utah, and modifiable factors such as diet in relation to ovarian cancer survivorship through her involvement with the Ovarian Health and Lifestyle Study