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Lindsay J. Collin

Lindsay J. Collin, PhD, MPH

Academic Office Information

Dr. Collin earned her PhD in Epidemiology from Emory University, Rollins School of Public Health. The overarching goal of Lindsay’s research is to understand multi-level contributors to disparities in recurrence and mortality among breast and ovarian cancer patients. In her doctoral work, Lindsay was awarded a National Cancer Institute F31 to evaluate therapeutic changes, patient characteristics, and biomarkers that may explain variation in breast cancer recurrence among women diagnosed with breast cancer, using Danish registry data. She has collaborated with the Georgia Cancer Registry and the Greater Atlanta Breast Cancer Task Force to examine race/ethnic disparities in breast cancer mortality in the metropolitan Atlanta area. She also has a strong methodologic interest in Bayesian statistics, quantitative bias analysis, and efficient design of validation substudies. At the Huntsman Cancer Institute, Lindsay is working in the lab of Dr. Jen Doherty. She was awarded a TL1 postdoctoral fellowship, which aims to understand the role of comorbidities and racial/ethnic disparities in ovarian cancer treatment, treatment response, and outcomes.