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Our Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion committee is organized into five sub-committees:
  • Recruitment
  • Support & retention
  • Education
  • Policy
  • Community Engagement

We are always accepting new committee members from the Department of Population Health Sciences, please email us to join. 

Melissa Watt, PhD

Director of Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

The Director of EDI chairs the EDI committee, reports on EDI to the Department Chair and Division Chiefs, and represents PHS in School of Medicine EDI Committee. 


OBJECTIVE: Recruit a diverse faculty, staff, and trainee population, and develop a pipeline for students underrepresented in population health sciences. 

Lindsey Potter, MPH, PhD

Research Instructor, HSIR Division

Subcommittee Chair

Mollie Barnard, ScD

Research Associate, CPS Division

Nasser Sharareh, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, HSIR Division

Amir Lueth

PhD Student

Marcie Leek, MPA

Academic Program Manager


OBJECTIVE: Support and retain faculty, staff, and trainees by creating a safe and equitable work environment where all individuals feel a sense of belonging. 

Rebecca Delaney PhD

Research Assistant Professor, HSIR Division

Subcommittee Chair

Jacob Kean, PhD

Research Associate, CPS Division

Sheetal Hardikar, PhD, MBBS

Assistant Professor, CPS Division

Lindsay Collin, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow


OBJECTIVE: Train the next generation of scientists to recognize and address inequities and health disparities. 

Fernando Wilson, PhD

Professor, HSIR Division

Subcommittee Chair

Jordan King, PharmD, MSCI

Research Associate, CPS Division

Jonathan Chipman, PhD

Assistant Professor, Biostatistics Division

Karina Pritchett

Academic Program Manager


OBJECTIVE: Ensure that our policies are not biased and that our guiding values are clearly articulated both internally and externally. 

Megan Vanneman, PhD, MPH

Adjunct Assistant Professor, HSIR Division

Subcommittee Chair

Ben Haaland, PhD

Associate Professor, Biostatistics Division

Cho Lam, PhD

Research Associate Professor, HSIR Division

Jincheng Shen, PhD

Assistant Professor, Biostatistics Division


OBJECTIVE:  Increase local community engagement by promoting opportunities for service and action, and supporting research that engages diverse local communities.

Laurie Grieshober, MA, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow, CPS Division

Subcommittee Chair

Willem Collier

PhD Student

Chelsey Schlechter, MPH, PhD

Assistant Professor, HSIR Division

Kayleigh Lawson-Michod

PhD Student

Rachel McCarty

PhD Student