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Megan Vanneman receives MPI Grant

Jun 08, 2018

We are pleased to announce Megan Vanneman has received her 3 year VA Health Services Research & Development (HSR&D) Service Directed Research (SDR) grant on Make Versus Buy- Examining the Evidence on Access, Utilization and Cost: Are We Buying the Right Care for the Right Amount?

In 2014, the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) created the Veterans Choice Program (VCP), which expanded access to health care for VHA enrollees by purchasing care through new private Community Care networks. Prior to VCP, VHA purchased care in the community, but on a much smaller scale. For the current study, we will examine variation in utilization and access of VHA vs. Community Care (CC) over time (FY15-FY19); develop and test a methodology to compare costs between VHA and CC; and examine use of specialty care, specifically surgery and mental health.

Congratulations Dr. Vanneman!